• We Don’t Need Social Media, Social Media Needs Us

    We Don’t Need Social Media, Social Media Needs Us

    What a statement. Slightly comparable to the round & round conversation we could have about the question “Which came first – the chicken or the egg?” Think about it. If everyone in the world deleted their social media accounts across the board – what would these platforms do? What would be their purpose? What value…… Read more

  • 22 Feels For 2022

    22 Feels For 2022

    Ah, a new year. Another fresh start. The time for planning, goal setting, and making promises to ourselves that we (hopefully) keep is upon us. I’ve given some thought as to what I want this year to encompass and ended up with a list of things (22 things to be exact) that I really want…… Read more

  • If I Knew Where I Was Going, I’d Be There Already

    If I Knew Where I Was Going, I’d Be There Already

    Do ya ever just wanna do and be a million different things all at once? But some days you simply wish to be nonexistent to the world? Yeah, me too. I’ve spent countless hours of my life being paralyzed by indecisiveness, overthinking, fear of failure, etc. followed by a parade of guilt for knowing I…… Read more

  • The Hardest Part About Leaving My Hometown

    The Hardest Part About Leaving My Hometown

    From a small-town in Coastal Mississippi to Lala Land Los Angeles, it’s been quite the journey. I was born and raised in an extremely small town along the southern coast of Mississippi. A 4-way stop kind of town. The kind of town so small that you pretty much know who lives where, what type of…… Read more

  • A Finished Something: Part Two, 2023 Edition

    As I’m sitting here typing this in my mom’s kitchen with the smell of homemade pie in the air & the sound of wedding music flowing from the living room (don’t worry, the future wedding isn’t for me), I cannot believe an entire year has passed already. Life truly happens in the blink of an…… Read more

  • A Finished Something

    I can remember falling in love with storytelling as a young girl. I’d hide away in my closet with a flashlight, pen, and notebook (the good ole’ days) and spend hours journeying through an entirely different world. What I’ve always loved most about storytelling is the escapism it offers, the truth-telling it allows the opportunity…… Read more